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The March 2020 Auction: Part 4

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Auction Ends: 3/26/2020 6:00:00 PM PDT

Lot #384. Palari di Salvatore Geraci Palari Faro 2007

Description: Consists of 5 Magnums, 1.5L
Region: Italy, Sicily, Faro.
Score: 96 WA.
"The bouquet offers resinous aromas of tar and pine nut with pretty background notes of black licorice and dusty mineral. The quality of the tannin is silky and long. This is one of my favorite editions of the wine thanks to its profound complexity and slightly denser consistency . . . . Salvatore Geraci makes one of the icon wines of southern Italy: Faro Palari. An architect by training, this charismatic Sicilian from Messina approaches every detail with extreme precision, from the health of each of his vines to the ambitious restoration of his family manor into a modern winery and tasting room. The magic of his wine, however, is his vineyard. Running late after a long day of appointments, I had the chance to visit his property after nightfall – a fact for which Salvatore has probably not forgiven me. Despite the blackness around us, I cannot exaggerate the beauty of this place. Salvatore’s vineyards (and much of the Faro appellation) remain perched on impossibly steep terraces that look over the Straits of Messina straight into Reggio di Calabria and mainland Italy. We reached his vineyard by Jeep, traveling up a dirt path more appropriate for mountain sheep than motorized vehicle. Using his cell phone to cast an eerie blue light, Salvatore shows me the thick, knotted trunks of his ancient head-pruned vines. The lights of the Italian mainland shimmer in the near distance and muffled horns can be heard from the busy maritime traffic that channels through the Straits. Since the time of the ancients, this thin watery passage – with its dangerous currents and riptides – has sparked both fascination and fear. The legend of the Fata Morgana, a mysterious mirage said to disorient even the most experienced seamen, is born here. The rocky northern corner of Sicily hovers so close to the southern tip of Calabria creating unpredictable wind tunnels and suction. Nothing is subtle about these surroundings. Everything is extreme." Wine Advocate #212, Apr 2014
Provenance: The Apennine Cellar
Lot Location: Orange County
Estimate: $600

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