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Warehouse Locations

We offer wine stored in two different warehouses. All retail wine resides in our Southern California location. Each auction lot lists the location of the wine so you know where it is currently stored. We will automatically arrange the logistics to import or export your wine depending on your location as part of our shipping process.

Southern California Warehouse
1641 East Saint Andrew Pl, Santa Ana CA 92705

Hong Kong Warehouse
JAS Forwarding (H.K.) Ltd.
52-62 Tsing Yi Road, Tien Chu (Tsing Yi) Industrial Centre, Hong Kong

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Retail Locations

We have a brick and mortar retail store at our Santa Ana, California location

Santa Ana Location
1641 East Saint Andrew Pl, Santa Ana CA 92705

Shipping Information

We offer an array of full service fulfillment options for your purchases with us. Below are some of our frequently asked questions. If we didn't answer your question, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

How is my order being shipped?

If you are shipping to the California, District of Columbia, New Mexico, Idaho, or Alaska, your shipment will default to standard ground shipping via United Parcel Service (UPS). If you are shipping to any other US state, your shipment will be scheduled by default through a carrier such as UPS or FedEx. If you would like to adjust your shipping preference, method, or rapidity, you may always adjust your default preferences in your account page or you may of course contact us directly.

Starting March 2021 we will only be shipping via Golden State Overnight(GSO/GLS) by special request and those shipments will not be covered under any of our insurance options. We would also like to advise clients that Golden State Overnight (GSO/GLS) typically delivers your shipment within one business day; however, this is not a guarantee and delivery may occasionally take longer than the overnight period advertised by this vendor, particularly for residential (non-commercial) addresses. Such an eventuality is out of the control of Spectrum Wine.

For our customers in Asia, we default to shipping your order via our next scheduled consolidated shipment to Hong Kong. If you prefer another method of shipping we are happy to accommodate and can adjust your account to ship future orders this way by default

How quickly should I expect my order to ship?

We own and manage our very own state-of-the-art temperature- and humidity-controlled warehouse and employ a full-time team of warehouse staff to get your order to you as quickly and safely as possible. Typically orders are available immediately after payment is received. Upon receiving payment our staff will automatically schedule your order to ship at the first available time slot. You will receive an email notification shortly after your order is paid with a shipment date. If weather conditions do not permit safe shipping, your order will be held at our warehouse (free of charge) until conditions become safe again. If you have a specific ship time you would like your order to depart, please give us at least 24 hours’ notice so we can prepare your shipment.

Can I pick up my Order?

Yes, we love to meet our clients and local pickup is a great option if you are in southern California. To arrange picking your order up, please be sure to contact us with a preferred day and time frame at least 48 hours prior to your arrival so we can ensure your order is properly prepared. We are open for pickups at our Santa Ana facility Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

IMPORTANT: Our auction warehouse operations are closed on Saturday and Sunday. All requests for a weekend pickup must be received no later than Friday at noon.

We also have a great retail shop that you are welcome to peruse while you’re here.

What is Weather Hold?

During periods of excessively hot or cold weather, we will store your wine in our temperature- and humidity-controlled warehouse free of charge. Once conditions improve we will begin to schedule your shipment(s) for delivery and you will be notified of its shipment date. If you would still like to ship your order regardless of temperature, we will be happy to arrange this but we will require you to sign a waiver stating you understand the risks of shipping during the current weather conditions.

Can I consolidate multiple orders to help reduce shipping costs?

Yes, we automatically consolidate all the orders you have with us and adjust the shipping expenses accordingly to give you the best price possible. The shipping cost you see on your invoice takes this into account automatically after each new order.

Do you offer consolidated shipping options?

Yes, we offer the following consolidated refrigerated shipping options at the rates listed below:

United States to JAS Forwarding, Hong Kong:

  • Via Refrigerated Air: $100 per case plus local delivery charges (typically scheduled once per quarter)
  • Via Refrigerated Ocean Container: $30 per case plus local delivery charges (typically scheduled once per quarter)
Hong Kong to Orange County, CA, United States
  • Via Refrigerated Air: $100 per case, plus $35 per lot import fee
Orange County to Manhattan Wine Company, NJ/NY, United States
  • Via Refrigerated Ground Transport: $20 per piece plus local delivery charges starting at $40. Delivery timelines vary by destination and are coordinated with MWC. Local pickup at the facility is free for MWC customers or $10 per piece for non-customers. (typically scheduled once per month)
Orange County to Domaine Wine Storage in Washington DC, United States
  • Via Refrigerated Ground Transport: $20 per piece plus any local delivery charges. Local pickup at the facility is free. (typically scheduled once per quarter)
Orange County to Domaine Wine Storage in Chicago, United States
  • Via Refrigerated Ground Transport: $20 per piece plus any local delivery charges. Local pickup at the facility is free for Domaine Chicago customers or $10 per piece for non-customers. (typically scheduled once per quarter)
*We also offer complimentary, refrigerated consolidated shipments to numerous storage facilities in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Barbara. See list below.

Do you offer local delivery?

Yes, we offer refrigerated local delivery to the Greater Los Angeles and San Diego regions via our refrigerated delivery truck. We can accommodate small deliveries as well as larger deliveries of multiple pallets.

$50 per delivery or $200 per pallet.

Do you deliver to professional wine storage facilities?

Yes, we offer complimentary refrigerated local delivery to many professional wine storage facilities in the Greater Los Angeles and San Diego regions.

Below is a list of facilities we are currently delivering to on a routine basis. We are happy to add your facility as well, just give us a call or email so we can connect with the owners of the facility to set up a route.

Spectrum Wine Storage
*Preferred Storage Facility

Santa Ana, CA

Spectrum Wine Storage
*Preferred Storage Facility

Newport Beach, CA

Wine Cellar Club

Irvine, CA

Off the Vine Storage

Laguna Hills, CA

Vintage Storage

Carlsbad, CA

San Diego Wine Storage

Solana Beach, CA

San Diego Wine Storage

San Diego, CA

Coastal Wine Storage

Oceanside, CA

Los Angeles Fine Arts & Wine Storage

Los Angeles, CA

The Wine Hotel / Vino Vault

Los Angeles, CA

The Wine Locker / Vino Vault

Van Nuys, CA

Wine Vault

Glendale, CA

The Wine Cellar

Los Angeles, CA

Liquid Assets Cellars

North Hollywood, CA

Ideal 55

Various Locations

Terminal 55

Van Nuys, CA

The Best Cellar

Van Nuys, CA

Cave Wine Storage

Glendale, CA

Wine Box

Canoga Park, CA

Pasadena Wine Storage

Los Angeles, CA

And if your wine storage facility is not on this list just give us a call!

To which US states can you NOT ship wine?

Many US states impose various, oppressive restrictions and costs upon outside firms shipping wine within their borders. For some states, Spectrum Wine Auctions often can, however, utilize external services that hold the relevant licenses to legally ship wine into such states.

Does someone need to be available to sign for my packages?

Yes, someone over the age of 21 years old must be present and able to sign for the delivery in order for the carrier to deliver your order.