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La Croix de Gay 1985

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By Dan Rhodes

The Right Bank region of Bordeaux is a bit more difficult for collectors to navigate in that things become suddenly more mysterious, almost Burgundian, upon crossing the Gironde and heading east towards Libourne, the center of commercial activity in Pomerol. In contrast to the well-delineated roads and ostentatious estates of the Medoc, St. Émilion and Pomerol derive their identity from small, farmhouse-like properties with hard to find locations and back roads that are often not clearly marked. If Cabernet is King of Bordeaux's Medoc, Merlot is the Royal Prince of the Right Bank.

The Merlot grape adores Pomerol's clay inflected soil as its ability to retain moisture dramatically enhances the quality of wine produced from this early ripening grape. Cabernet Franc plays a supporting role in most Right Bank wines providing flavorful hints of spice as well as the tannic backbone of support from which the fleshier Merlot grape hangs. Geologically, the commune of Pomerol is a plateau whose epicenter is Petrus. Consumers should imagine Pomerol as a series of concentric circles emanating from Petrus with commensurate quality the further one moves away from the dark black clay of Petrus towards the lighter, sandier soils and flatter terrain which define the outer rings of the appellation.

Château La Croix de Gay is composed of 10 ha of vineyards spread throughout the appellation of Pomerol. The estate is owned by the Raynaud and Lebreton families. Dr. Alain Reynaud and his sister Chantal Lebreton are responsible for the current renaissance at La Croix de Gay having restored the estate to the preeminent position of quality it enjoyed throughout the 1940s, 50s and 60s. While not a massive wine, La Croix de Gay is a classic Pomerol in its expression of terroir and proffers an easy drinkability.

La Fleur de Gay debuted in 1982. It is produced from a 3 ha parcel of some of the very oldest vines of Croix de Gay located in close proximity to Petrus, Lafleur and Vieux Château Certan. Utilizing Merlot (100%) and new oak (100%), Dr. Reynaud has created a superb luxury wine that often rivals some of the very top names in Pomerol. Yields are kept to a minimum of approximately 25 hl/ha. La Fleur de Gay is a rich, intoxicating, liqueur-like wine that is often very difficult to find and procure.

In Stock Now:
La Croix de Gay 1985 - @ $60.00, WS 91- OWCs available
La Croix de Gay 1985 1.5L - @ $120.00, WS 91- OWCs available
La Croix de Gay 1988 - @ $60.00 - OWCs available
La Croix de Gay 1990 - @ $62.00, WS 93 - OWCs available
La Croix de Gay 1993 - @ $36.00 - OWCs available
La Croix de Gay 1994 - @ $38.00 - OWCs available
La Croix de Gay 1994 3L - @ $250.00 - limited quantity
La Croix de Gay 1996 - @ $40.00 - OWCs available
La Croix de Gay 1998 - @ $44.00, WS 90 - OWCs available
La Croix de Gay 2005 - @ $41.00 - OWCs available

La Fleur de Gay 1989 - @ $225.00, RP 95 - limited quantity
La Fleur de Gay 1991 - @ $64.00 - OWCs available
La Fleur de Gay 1992 - @ $61.00 - OWCs available
La Fleur de Gay 1993 - @ $70.00, WS 94 - OWCs available
La Fleur de Gay 1995 - @ $108.00, WS 90 - OWCs available
La Fleur de Gay 1998 - @ $130.00, WS 93 - OWCs available
La Fleur de Gay 2005 - @ $110.00 RP 92 - OWCs available

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